Penelope Calloway

Singer-Songwriter. Producer. Space Traveler.

Current Releases
Space Traveler the EP Out Now/Space Traveler the Album (Coming Soon!)

"...she crafts an offbeat, somewhat darkish backdrop layered with her ethereal vocal delivery.There is absolutely nothing close to the norm on this tune and it's a brilliant departure from the usual."

- Tayo Odutola - EARMILK

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About Penelope:

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Alternative R&B artist Penelope Calloway is a fresh new sound on the scene. In an endless barrage of cookie-cutter standards, Penelope breaks the mold with a hypnotic twist of electronic and symphonic elements that underscore deep, provocative lyrics and a soothing vocal style...

Her debut project, Space Traveler - EP is out Now!

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